Bath Silicone Brush
Bath Silicone Brush
Bath Silicone Brush
Bath Silicone Brush
Bath Silicone Brush
Bath Silicone Brush
Bath Silicone Brush

Bath Silicone Brush

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      Dog Bath Silicone Brush Cleaning Grooming Tool 
  • Bullet Points:
    1. 2-in-1 bath massage brush: This 2-in-1 bath tool can help wash small and medium cats and dogs or short-haired dogs. It removes the frizz easily and helps the soap extend into the hair roots. Massage your dog at the same time. Pets always like massage.
    2. Excellent design: Pour the dog shower gel from the top into the container and dilute with water. It can save shower gel, easily create more foam and easier to clean.
    3. A bathing tool of reducing pet resistance: A soft silicone brush removes loose hair and dirt while gently applying foam to the dog without causing any discomfort.
    4 . Keep your dog's comfort and health: Round tooth brush can improve the dog's blood circulation, gentle massage stimulates the dog's skin to produce natural oil, keeps the skin smooth and shiny.
    5. Ergonomic: The ergonomic shape contributes to comfort and ease of use,which prevents strain on the wrists and hands. This design allows for the comfort and control of the pet.

    Product material: ABS, silicone
    Packing size: about 11.5*7.5*6cm、4.53*2.95*2.36inch
    Package weight: about  100g
    Color: green, blue
    Flexibility - with or without shampoo.
    Non-toxic - safe for sensitive skin.
    Double benefits - simultaneous cleaning, massage.
    Ergonomic shape - easy to grip and prevent brush sliding.

    Product list:
    1*bath brush